Two Fun Art Projects for Winter Break

16 Dec

Hello internet land!
I wrapped up another semester in my college career. I’m packing my suitcase for Arizona (and the Grand Canyon Baha’i Conference) and just finished writing out my Sub Plan for Children’s Classes on Sunday. Still I thought I’d take a quick break and leave you with two fun art projects you can do this winter break!

Winter Evergreen Tree

Watercolor paper, watercolor paint (I used the 8 color crayola pan), brushes, white oil pastel, glue, single hole puncher and white scrap paper.

1. Using an oil pastel, draw a large triangle for the tree, a square or rectangle for the base, and a horizon line behind the tree. You will need to press down firmly. You can add light lines on the ground to represent snow banks.
2. Fill in the tree with green watercolor paint. You might also add yellow or blue for dimension.
3. Fill in the trunk with brown watercolor paint.
4. Fill in the ground with blue watercolor paint. I would recommend making it very watery, unlike in my example. Or if you have a fancy silvery or glittery watercolor paint, that would look great too!
5. Fill in the sky with water first. Then add purple, red, and a small amount of blue in different places. You can mix areas together. When the area is covered, dip your paintbrush in water and let it drop onto the paper. This will create “blooms” that look like the Northern Lights!
6. While the paint dries, use your hole puncher to cut out a lot of white circles from scrap paper.
7. Use glue to add the white circles onto your painting to look like snow!
8. When completely finished and dry, trip the edges. You could glue it onto a larger piece of colored paper to make a frame.

This is a great project for children of all backgrounds to make. You may allow some to turn it into a Christmas tree if you would like, but I personally would have my students focus on natural looking trees in the forest.

Modern 9 Pointed Star Card (Or Craft)

Supplies : blank white cards (mine came from Michaels), 9 pointed star cookie cutters (can be bought from Special Ideas) black acrylic paint, large paper plate, colored pencils.

1. Get out your black paint and spread it evenly on a paper plate. You want it to be thick enough to act as a stamp pad but not too thick. Acrylic paint dries very quickly, so be prepared to add more paint over the duration of this project.
2. Dip your 9 pointed star cookie cutters in the paint, and press down on the front of the card. Use different sizes and make them overlap.
3. Let the paint dry and get out the colored pencils.
4. Color in each section with a different color. I used Prismacolor pencils, which are a bit more expensive, and I had to work hard to fill in each area. But because the card paper is thin, it would be difficult (but not impossible) to use paint. You can also try markers.

This makes a great card you can send to friends and family on Ayyam-i-ha or anytime of the year. And you can use a large piece of paper (I would recommend bristol board) to turn it into an eye-catching piece of artwork everyone will enjoy.

If the paint dries on the cookie cutters, just rinse them in very hot water and it will peel off.

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